Doona Infant Car Seat Review 2020

Doona infant car seat

Stroller and infant car seats are very important for the first few months of a baby’s life. They help babies to get out and about and explore the world with their parents. However, the price for a decent one can be expensive. So what are the best choices among huge brands and products in the market? Luckily, you can have both of them with just $499 and can help your children have a ton of fun at an early age. This article will do a small review about Doona, a unique combination of an infant car seat and a stroller.


In terms of an infant car seat, Doona has successfully passed all legal requirement tests, as well as additional tests above and beyond requirements. Moreover, with its reasonable design, it can fit any car and move around with ease. And it can easily transform between stroller and infant car seat. Those factors make it an ideal item for on-the-go parents living in the city and for use on public transport. 

Another plus, it can be secure with the car’s seat belt. And when Doona is in the car, the handle can be angled toward the car seat for more safety. The sidewall of Doona is thick and stacked with many layers. Therefore, Doona also has more side impact protection.

In addition, Doona has been certified and approved for air travel in the U.S. It is definitely a great gear for traveling with your baby. The brake is amazing when Doona is used in stroller form. And the size is reasonable, so it will not take too much of your car’s space when you take it away.


A downside of Doona, the size of the stroller is a little small compared to a true full-size stroller. So it does not have a lot of space to carry more things, which is very inconvenient when you want shopping while pushing your child around.

Doona cannot adjust the harness height easily either. When your baby grows up, you will need to change the harness height. So the baby will fit and be safe and secure. However, it will be a little complicated to change the harness height of Doona.

Another downside of Doona is it has a short handlebar, so it might be a little awkward for tall parents to push their babies around. Unfortunately, Doona has a limited lifespan. Your kid might outgrow it by the end of year 1, so you might need to change to a convertible car seat and a full-size stroller.

The Verdict

In general, the Doona infant car seat is one of the more affordable car seats on the market. It’s convenient and practical, great for parents on the move and easy to travel with. Unfortunately as I said earlier, your child will outgrow this car seat quite soon. But there are always fellow moms out there looking for a good deal on a second hand stroller and the Doona infant car seat is well-made and should still be in good condition by the time you need to upgrade.