How to Baby Proof Your Home

How to Baby Proof Your Home

In this article, we will break down some tips for you to baby proof your home. Knowing how to baby proof your home is more than buying a few products. There are lifestyle adjustments and decisions to make. You don’t need to baby proof your home from day 1, right the moment you bring your baby home. However, around month 5 when the baby is a little bit more mobile, you will need it.

Crawl Around 

The great way to start is crawling on your knees as your baby would. You’ll have a new perspective and notice dangerous spots like door stop or low outlets. When you find outlets, which are within the reach of your baby, you have to cover them. Outlet coverage is a great way to protect the baby from accidentally jamming something in there and electrocuting themselves.

Cover Outlet

You should check out Dream Baby, they got a lot of tools to baby proof your home and also outlet covers. If you’d rather cover the outlet all together, Dream Baby also has a full coverage that can be installed and painted to blend in with your wall. 

Secure Furniture

This is very important, you need to secure all of your furniture to the wall. This also includes televisions that aren’t mounted to your wall. You should also strap all heavy or tall furniture to the wall. This includes dressers, nightstands and especially bookshelves. This can help prevent an accident where your baby tips over your furniture.

Cover Sharp Corners

Moreover, watch out for those corners, you should consider buying a few corner bumpers for coffee tables, shelves, and other furniture. In addition, you should leave some of your shelves empty, so your kids can’t break valuable things or even worse hurting themselves.

Get some Gates

You can use gates to block your stairs and your kitchen, this will help prevent your baby from getting into danger. There is a wild variety of gates, like pressure-mounted, hardware-mounted or freestanding baby gates. We recommend picking a pressure-mounted baby gate, because of the hinge for easy opening and closing.

Get Clean

This is super underrated, coins, paper clips, plant pots with soil, etc.; if it is on the ground, the baby will try to eat it. Therefore, go ahead and put those plants on higher ground and clean up the house. Moreover, cords from the computer, lamp, or iron should be secured or kept away from your baby’s reach.

Organize the Bathroom & Kitchen

It will be great if you have a toilet guard, which can prevent the baby from falling. Also, you should keep hot tools, razors, cleaning products or medicine in a high place or in a locked cabinet.

That’s the end of our guide to help you to baby proof your home. If you have more tips, please let us know in the comments below.