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Nalakai Ring Sling Review

Baby carriers are great buys for many features. The best feature for most parents is being able to have both your hands-free to do other things while still holding your baby. It also helps in the baby’s development, both physically and mentally, especially promoting early language development. The Nalakai ring sling is a straightforward baby carrier, simple in design, and can be put on using one hand only. Follow along with us through this Nalakai Ring Sling review, to find out what it offers and have a small comparison with other carriers on the market.

A Baby Carrier

The Nalakai ring slings are a luxurious, stylish, and safe baby carrier. The price of a Nalakai ring sling is $60 at Amazon. It keeps your baby safe and secure, while still looking stylish and beautiful. Moreover, you can put on and put off the Nalakai sling easily with no buckles or ties. It is soft and lightweight, so you can wear it comfortably around the house while working or going for a walk outside. It’s also an ideal choice for traveling and wearing on a plane.

When you wear a Nalakai ring sling, your baby is gently cradled to your chest, so they will feel safe and secure. There are also a variety of colors to choose from, so you can look stylish while taking care of your baby.


The Nalakai Sling creates a bond of trust and belonging between parents and babies, as you two maintain a closeness throughout the day. It is easy to adjust to fit any body type and provide a good support to you and your baby. You can wear it anywhere, indoors/outdoors or traveling. The Nalakai Ring Sling can keep the heat inside for a long time, so it can help your baby to get to sleep faster and easier.

The ring sling is made with soft bamboo and breathable materials. Therefore, it’s airy and comfortable for you and your baby.

Safety Tested & Great Customers Supports

All of Nalakai slings are safety tested and approved with the CPSIA 2008 and ASTM safety standards. There is a Youtube channel that supports Nalakai ring slings. It has a few tutorials for customers to use a ring sling for the first time and detailed instructions for using the Nalakai. They provide 24/7 support which is great if you’re having any issues with it. They also head towards creating a strong and supportive online community for new moms too.


The design of Nalakai ring sling makes it one of the comfiest slings for babies. The fabric is soft and stretchy, so the baby will have a nice feeling when the sling wraps around. It is also a high rate of parent comfort rating. Parents love the sling-style design, and bamboo and linen fabric around their shoulders while wearing it. Moreover, a simple design, easy adjustments, and cleaning are also the advantages of the product.

The Verdict

Overall, the Nalakai ring sling is a good baby carrier choice. It offers everything a baby carrier could with a simple design, easy to use, and adjust. And it will be a great buy if you are planning to travel with your baby. Plus, the bamboo and linen fabric gives a super nice feeling when the ring sling wrap around your shoulder and your baby. Therefore, we recommend you to buy it if you can.

That’s all from us. If you have any questions or recommendations, leave a comment below. We read all of them, thank you and see you soon.