Preparing for Twins and Multiples

preparing for twins and multiples

Pregnancy and preparing for your baby’s arrival is an exciting and beautiful experience however it can be challenging and not to mention pricey. Especially when you are having twins or multiples! Preparing for two or more can seem like an impossible challenge at times especially if you are on a budget, however it’s not impossible!
Here we have collected some tips and essentials as to how to prepare for the arrival of your twin babies or multiples.

How to prepare

Talk to the experienced

Children in general can get expensive not to mention when you have to prepare for more than one. It’s a good idea to reach out to other parents of twins and multiples and pick their brains. 

They can give you some solid advice on what to buy or on parenting techniques that worked out for them best. Obviously we are all different and what worked out for their family might not be an option for you but it’s a good idea to listen to the people who have “been there done that” in order to gain some insight. 

Choose your healthcare provider carefully

Make sure you choose doctors and a medical facility that is experienced with twins or multiples also with premature birth. Their development stages are quite different and you need to make sure that your doctors are knowledgeable and well prepared for twin births. 

Prepare the family

If you already have kids make sure you prepare them adequately. Life might get a bit hectic once the babies arrive and they need to know this in advance if they are old enough to understand. You can get some books that can help you explain to your child what to expect upon the babies’ arrival. 

Plan ahead

You will need to become an expert planner to make things work smoothly. Make sure you have your hospital bag ready a few weeks before your due date and install the car seats well in advance as well in case the babies come early. Figure out a routine that will likely work out for you and your family once the babies are there and start implementing it in advance for a smoother transition. 

Arrange help

Try to arrange help, whether it’s a family member, a nanny or a volunteer nanny. Caring for twins or multiples can get overwhelming at times and it’s a good idea to have a solid support team behind you that can help you out especially if you have to work while raising your kids. 


Start budgeting as soon as you learn about your pregnancy even if you are financially stable. It’s important to have some savings ready for your babies’ arrival and to be prepared for emergencies.

What to buy 

Remember, just because you are expecting twins or multiples it doest mean they need two or more of everything. You can save a lot of money if you make them share certain items or spread out the costs overtime. 


One of the most important items you will need is a good stroller designed for multiple babies. Being mobile and being able to go out together is extremely important not just for the babies but for your own mental health too. Invest in a good  and practical stroller that can fit all the babies. 

Changing table

You will most likely only need one changing table. You can only change one baby at the time on your own, so there is absolutely no need for multiple tables. 

Baby monitor

You don’t need to get more than one baby monitor unless your babies sleep in different rooms. 


While they are little they should easily fit into one tub, once they get older you can just start bathing them one by one. It might take a little bit of extra time however it’s still more straightforward than juggling multiple babies in different bathtubs. 


They can share their wardrobe. While matching outfits are cute but they are not essential. Your babies can wear each other’s clothing. If they are different sexes and you find it important to choose colours and designs accordingly maybe opt for more neutral clothing items that can work for both boys and girls. Keep in mind that twins and multiples are usually smaller than singletons so shop for baby clothes accordingly. 


They can share all their toys, it’s not just more budget friendly but also teaches a good lesson of sharing their things from a very young age. 

Breastfeeding supplies

Save money on breastfeeding items like breast pumps and nipple covers. You only need one of the items that you use. 

Baby carrier

Wearing your baby is always a great way of commuting as it keeps your hands free however you can only wear one child at the time so don’t need to go overboard with the carriers and slings. 

Things you will need two or more of

Car seat

If you have a car, baby car seats are non negotiable. You will definitely need one for each child. While you can get many things second hand in order to save some money,  you should always buy the car seats new to make sure they are safe.


While they can share a crib at first, eventually they are going to need their own cribs. As they get older and wiggle more in bed it won’t be safe or comfortable for them to share. 


Highchairs can definitely wait until the babies are a bit older however this is also an item you will likely need multiples of once they are old enough to sit on their own. 

Bibs, burp clothes and diapers

You will likely need multiples of single use items or things that often get dirty. Make sure you start stockpiling diapers from early on as that will likely be one  your highest expenses.

Preparing and caring for twins or multiples can be a challenging task however with a little bit of determination and good planning ahead it’s completely doable. Get your family involved and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. 

Are you expecting twins or have you had multiples? If you have any advice or further tips share in the comment section!