Top Tips For Managing Morning Sickness

morning sickness

If you’re like seventy-five percent of pregnant women, you will experience morning sickness at some point during your pregnancy. This queasy, nauseated feeling can, unfortunately, last all day and night. The good news is that for most pregnant women, morning sickness will go away by week twelve. So while you are waiting for that seemingly elusive day, here are our top tips for taming your troublesome tummy. 

Eat Little And Eat Often

An empty stomach can often make the symptoms of morning sickness worse. So make sure to eat small meals throughout the day.  Immediately after waking up have some saltine crackers or bread. Then nosh small meals throughout the day so your stomach doesn’t get too full. Have fruits, nuts, pretzels, protein bars, and other snacks at the ready whether you are at home, work, or running errands.  

Have Essential Oil At The Ready 

Morning sickness is often triggered by strong smells. Passing by a dumpster on your walk to work or even getting a waft of your coworker’s perfume can provoke intense feelings of nausea. So it’s a good idea to carry a small bottle of a fresh-smelling essential oil to take a sneaky smell of when you’re surrounded by offending odors.  

Stay Hydrated

Pregnant women especially need their eight glasses of water a day. However, this could seem like a gargantuan task when you can’t keep any foods or liquids down. Do your best to sip on water throughout the day. Try not to gulp down your water as it could trap air in your stomach. Also, eating between meals rather than during meals can help you from feeling too full. 

Try Some Ginger

Ginger has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years for combating nausea and other abdominal ailments. So if you’re feeling like your stomach could use some TLC try making some ginger tea or drinking ginger ale. You could also much on some gingerbread cookies or even chew on some candied ginger. 

Get Plenty Of Rest 

Stress and lack of sleep have been known to increase the symptoms of morning sickness. Make sure to have a consistent sleep schedule in which you go to bed early and wake up early to have plenty of time to get out of bed. Take naps if you need them, but never on a full stomach. Also make sure your legs and back have enough support in and out of bed. Maternity pillows and comfortable shoes are also great ways to reduce strain on your body. You can also exercise to keep physically and mentally strong. Try going for a foot and leg massage once and a while for some stress relief as well. 

Speak Up! 

You don’t have to suffer alone. If you’re feeling awful, talk to your partner about what they can do to help you. If their cologne makes you feel awful, tell them to temporarily stop using it. Have them take out the trash and do other chores while you are feeling particularly under the weather. If you don’t have a partner to talk to you, chat with a sympathetic friend, or join a support group for new mothers. 

Try Alternative Medicines

Acupuncture and acupressure have the potential to help with morning sickness symptoms. Acupuncture involves a trained practitioner placing small needles into particular parts of the skin while acupressure involves a professional pressing certain areas of the body to relieve symptoms. Acupressure wristbands have also been shown to help some women and are readily available. 

Speak To Your Doctor

If you’re concerned about your morning sickness symptoms, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor for reassurance. Morning sickness may feel uncomfortable but it will pass and has no effect on the developing baby. Your doctor may even be able to prescribe certain vitamins or medicines to help with any severe symptoms. However, if you notice any unusual symptoms such as bloody vomit, fever, or weight loss, contact your doctor as soon as possible as these could be a sign of trouble. 

Those are just a few of the ways you can help manage your morning sickness symptoms. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips or tricks for managing this maddening malady.